Corporate Insurance

Transport Insurance

The world is becoming smaller and smaller through trade and the transport of goods. This attractive policy helps both individuals and legal entities, to ensure all types of cargo from the point of departure to arrival, against any eventuality in air, land and sea.

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Fleet Insurance

You spend a considerable part of the day in your car, so it is important to have the most coverage to protect you, your loved ones, and even to third parties. With Afta policies, you will be covered against all collisions, material and medical damage to third parties, and accidental deaths.

Group Insurance

Group life and health insurance and health are a great way to reward the most important asset of any company: the human resource. Group plans are developed to suit the needs of each client.

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In the business world, there is an intangible asset which without it, itis impossible to emerge and develop: the prestige of your name. That's why Afta provides solid coverage of bails, which allows contractors to comply with major projects in cases of major force. In other words, they offer their clients the opportunity to access a range of options for bails and its structure. Whether it is for construction issues, supplies or similar AFTA allows you to achieve costs and optimal conditions.

All Risk Insurance

All civil work involves risks that could become very expensive. With this policy, contractors and entrepreneurs can cope with a variety of accidents and compensation in the workplace during the construction work.

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Ideal for business and civil work contractors and industrial projects, this policy provides coverage in case of accidents that will result in material and physical damage or death to third parties.

Special Plans

Travel policies:

Trips can be undoubtedly some of the most enjoyable moments of our lives, but they are never without risk. Afta coverage for travelers was designed to meet any emergency that happens when you're not at home, but also provide protection for your loved ones if the worst should occur.

University Moving:

This innovative plan allows students, who have completed studies abroad, to cover their belongings against moving accidents when they return home.

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